Virtual Lecture & Book Launch with Author, Karen Dosanjh

29julAll DayVirtual Lecture & Book Launch with Author, Karen DosanjhHow Early South Asian Settlers Overcame Racial Discrimination to Thrive in Canadian Society

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Sikhlens and Chapman University are pleased to present a fascinating and timely virtual learning experience with Karen Dosanjh, Author & Editor of the critical, new book, Untold Stories: The South Asian Pioneer Experience in BC (British Columbia). In this thought-provoking and topical event, Karen will chronicle the historic milestones of the first South Asians who migrated from India to Canada. She’ll cover everything from the arrival of South Asians in the early 1900s, to the rampant anti-Asian sentiments they faced, to key events that led to the disenfranchisement of the early settlers. The Author will touch on untold stories such as Canadian immigration bans and other discriminatory actions that hindered the basic citizens’ rights of the South Asian pioneers. Karen will also share candid insights on her impassioned research which uncovered dark times in Canadian history, along with the enlightening stories of resilience and perseverance through the oral accounts of South Asian pioneer family elders. This purpose of this virtual lecture (which will air in Punjab, India) is to engage and inspire the next generation of South Asian storytellers and cultural content creators in Canada, the US and India at this pivotal time in history.


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All Day (Wednesday) PST(GMT-07:00)