SAFF 2023 :: Saturday Matinee :: Late Afternoon Session 1

18nov3:30 pm6:00 pmSAFF 2023 :: Saturday Matinee :: Late Afternoon Session 1SATURDAY • NOV • 18 • 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM

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Late Afternoon Session 1

Late Afternoon Session 1 – Theater 1
Saturday, November 18, 2023
3:30 PM – 6:00 PM

This session is screening in Theater 1.

The theater is located at:

The Frida Theater
305 E 4th St #100
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone: (714) 285-9422

The content, selections, and schedule subject to change without notice.


Basera, a documentary by Sikhlens, offers an intimate look into the lives of elderly residents at Akal Old Age Home in the serene locale of Sas Nagar, Mohali. With compassionate care, the film explores the final dwelling place for many, unveiling the unspoken emotions and whispers of its revered inhabitants. Recognized as a peaceful sanctuary, Akal provides a refuge for older adults in need of shelter and community in their twilight years.

Through interviews and glimpses into daily life, the film paints a moving portrait of the residents’ diverse experiences, memories, emotions, and hopes woven together by an enduring spirit of resilience. Viewers journey through Akal’s clean, well-kept halls where the essence of home resonates. Each story illuminates the universal human needs for belonging, recognition, and dignity at life’s end.

Breaking Barriers: The Manka Dhingra Story

Breaking Barriers: The Manka Dhingra Story spotlights the groundbreaking journey of Manka Dhingra, the first Sikh woman elected to any U.S. state legislature. With over two decades of experience in law and behavioral health, Dhingra now serves as Deputy Majority Leader of the Washington State Senate, chairing the Senate Law & Justice Committee. She is currently running for Attorney General of the state of Washington. The film explores Dhingra’s historic political rise, public service accomplishments, and justice reform efforts. We glimpse her remarkable resilience reshaping politics while breaking entrenched barriers.

Connecting The Dots

Connecting the Dots

Connecting The Dots follows Rubab Chishti, a young architect passionately changing historic conservation in Pakistan. It showcases her dedication to restoring the 190-year-old Gurdwara Choa Sahab, an abandoned Gurudwara within the Rohtas Fort. Since 1947, this pioneering project marks the first proper Gurudwara conservation effort in Pakistan. We witness Chishti challenging longstanding traditions of superficial restoration. Through preserving cultural touchstones like Choa Sahab, she connects the dots between past and future, dedicating herself to saving Pakistan’s living heritage.

Desperately Seeking Sikh

Tensions run high during dinner as a couple is educated on Panjabi culture, language, and some of the principles of Sikhism by a Sikh guest.

Sacred Thread in Lima

Embark on a  journey with Partap Singh Khalsa, a Sikh man living in the heart of Lima, Peru. Partap shares his unique perspective on life, Sikhism, and the beautiful fusion of cultures that define his world. Married to a Spanish lady, he bridges the gap between East and West effortlessly, speaking fluent Spanish and weaving the rich tapestry of his multicultural life.

As the viewer, you’ll be immersed in the breathtaking landscapes of Peru, following Partap Singh Khalsa as he navigates the bustling streets of Lima and ventures into the serene beauty of the Peruvian countryside. Through his lens, you’ll discover the profound philosophy of Sikhism and the universal messages of peace, love, and equality that it embodies. Partap Singh Khalsa’s mission is to educate and enlighten people from around the world about Sikhism, and his charismatic presence and profound insights make this journey both enlightening and enriching. 


Pouri is a documentary exploring the mass migration of young Punjabis to Western countries like Canada and the cultural crisis this has sparked. The film reveals the perspectives of two generations living through drastic change.  In Punjab, anxious parents confront empty nests as their children leave home to pursue opportunities abroad. Though proud, they express grief at losing their youth’s presence. The young describe social pressures to emigrate at all costs, though their hearts remain with the homeland. Overseas, transplanted youth reveal struggles to balance heritage and assimilation, questioning their identity in a foreign land. 

The Stevia Story

The Stevia Story 

The Stevia Story follows the Gandhi family, first-generation farmers who pioneered the introduction of stevia to India. Despite challenges as newcomers to agriculture, they were driven by a vision to cultivate a healthy, natural sweetener. Through footage of life on their farm, we witness the Gandhis’ perseverance through failed crops and skepticism. The passion and resilience lead to India’s first commercial stevia harvest. 

Which Way We Go

Which Way We Go is a documentary about the deportation of 700 international students from Canada. Beyond the deportations, it illuminates the everyday struggles facing these students trying to navigate a complex immigration system stacked against them. Many grappled with unaffordable housing, isolation, and balancing studies with multiple jobs. The film humanizes this controversial incident by highlighting the resilience of the students. 

Q & A Session

Hansjeet Duggal, Salman Alam Khan, Navalpreet Rangi, Amolak Singh, Davinder Singh, Hargus Singh, Vishavjit Singh, Mariella Spagnolo, and Ryan Westra discuss their films screened in this session.

This session is free!

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November 18, 2023 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm(GMT-07:00)

The Frida Cinema