november, 2022

19nov9:45 am12:25 pmSAFF 2022 Saturday Morning MatineeSaturday | 9:45 AM – 12:25 PM | The Frida Cinema | Theater 2 | Saturday Morning Matinee

Event Details

On Saturday, November 19th we will host programs in two theaters at The Frida Cinema, starting at 9:45 AM, we have over 2-hours of films to keep you entertained. The theater is located at:

The Frida CinemaTHEATER 2
305 E 4th St #100
Santa Ana, CA 92701

At 9:45 AM, in Theater 2 we will host five films submitted to Sikhlens by Sikh filmmakers. The films include the films listed below:

Session Program


Why would someone vandalize a war memorial? When veteran Aatma Singh witnesses The Lions of the Great War monument being vandalized, his family jump to their own conclusions and seek revenge. Their actions end in terrible consequences.

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This film tells the story of how the communities of India and Pakistan, who parted into two countries a long time ago, have been taking care of each other’s cultural heritage that was left on the other side of the border with love and respect.

In 1947 the year when two independent nations were created – India and Pakistan. The borders of Punjab on the west and Bengal on the east witnessed large scale migration of communities, the Muslim population moved into Pakistan and Hindus, Sikhs, and others, into India. Communities were uprooted from their homes. They brought with them memories of lost lands, culture, and associations. In a recent joint effort of both the governments, Pakistan and India, a ‘corridor’ has been created as a passage for the Sikh community to visit a very important religious shrine in Pakistan, Kartarpur, the place associated with Guru Nanak (the first Guru of the Sikhs spent last 18 years of his life) without a visa. This is the first time since 1947, that effort has been made by the two countries, India, and Pakistan to use the power of cultural heritage for building peace and understanding. The film shows the engagement of the local community in taking care of the heritage of the ‘other’ as a service. It further challenges the notion of whose heritage is it in times of displacement – and the relationship between cultural heritage and the local community, those ‘displaced’ and further the ‘relocated’.


Look back at the events of 1947 through this illuminating documentary.  Children of Partition: An Oral History of Pothoharis is a deep focus on how a community was affected by Partition and their subsequent migration to the UK. The film focuses on the Pothohar region of West Punjab and how this community’s heritage and culture has been nurtured and cultivated by the generation who came to Britain. This documentary has been made by the Pothohar Association UK and has been supported by the Heritage Fund.


El Sobrante Gurdwara Sahib is located in the hillside of the El Sobrante Valley, about twenty-five miles north of San Francisco, California USA. In the mid-1960s a handful of young students and professionals living in and around the San Francisco Bay Area had a vision of establishing a first unique place of worship in the metropolitan area. Humble beginnings started with laying the foundations of the Gurughar by the representatives from Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh faiths. This unique piece of work not only talks about peace, harmony, and the feeling of brotherhood towards all humans, but it also shows the struggles and tribulations of the young students and the professionals of that time who achieved their vision of successfully completing and opening the Gurughar in 1980 against all odds.

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Loop is a short film about the struggle of doing the same things over and over again until you stop wanting to do anything.

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