Photo Gallery

2023 Photo Gallery

A photographic catalog from many of our events throughout the years…

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SAFF 2023: Sunday at Frida Cinema (2023-11-19)

Another day of Q&A sessions with this year’s film festival filmmakers. Sunday, November 19, 2023.

SAFF 2023: Saturday Creative Sikhs (2023-11-18)

A special Q&A panels with this years filmmakers. Plus a live performance of Ithihaas Gwaah Hai. Saturday, November 18, 2023.

SAFF 2023: Red Carpet Night (2023-11-17)

A special evening hosted Sumita Batra with special honoree Kavi Raz, with a special screening of his latest film Sarabha-Cry for Freedom and the animated film, American Sikh. Friday, November 17, 2023.

SAFF 2023 : Patrons Night (2023-11-16)

A night to celebrate with Sikhlens patrons; the opening of The Art of Japneet Kaur Exhibition with keynote speakers Vishavjit Singh and Harjinder Sandhu. Thursday, November 16, 2023.

Chapman University’s International Students Dinner (2023-09-29)

The international student dinner welcoming in the new class of students to Chapman University at Bicky and Gurpreet Singh’s home, Friday, September 29, 2023.

SAFF 2022: Sunday at Frida Cinema (2022-11-20)

More films at Frida Cinema, plus a special screening of Bully High followed up by Q&A session with the Bully High producer and actresses. November 20, 2022.

SAFF 2022: Saturday Creative Sikhs (2022-11-19)

A special Q&A Session with this years selected artists, authors and filmmakers. Plus a live performance by Aman Batra. November 19, 2022.

SAFF 2022: Red Carpet Night (2022-11-18)

Opening night hosted by Aman Batra. November 18, 2022.

SAFF 2022: Patrons Night (2022-11-17)

A night to celebrate with Sikhlens patrons, the opening of the Hidden Histories: Sikh Pioneer in Canada photo exhibition. November 17, 2022.

Chapman University International Student Dinner (2022-10-28)

After two years, due to the pandemic, Bicky and Gurpreet Singh are able to welcome back Chapman Students in to their home for the Annual Chapman University International Student Dinner, October 28, 2022.

Vaisakhi Celebration 2022 (2022-04-12)

Our annual celebration at Fish Interfaith Center, Chapman University with speakers Pawn Singh Arora and Salman Alam Khan, April 12, 2022.

Sikhlens: Sikhs Arts & Film Festival (India Chapter) Chandigarh (2021-02-21)

Sikhlens INDIA brings the best of Sikh-Centric Art, Films, Artists, Performances and Cultural Exchange all the way from the premiere Sikh Film Festival from California, US in India to The City Beautiful, Chandigarh on Sunday, February 21, 2021.

No photo gallery due to pandemic.

Sikhlens Project S Class Screening (2019-12-05)

Special Screening hold at Dodge College: We watched 5 movies from our Project S class that was sent to France.

SAFF 2019: Final Day (2019-11-24)

The final day of films and events at The Frida Cinemas with the first ever Women in Film session and panel.

SAFF 2019: Creative Sikhs Panels (2019-11-23)

At The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, CA with Creative Panels (Filmmaker, Artists and Writers) and live performance by Aman Batra.