Sikhlens Logo

Sikhlens is a non-profit (501.3c) organization that was founded over twenty-five years ago in Southern California. Its mission was to increase awareness of Sikhs amongst mainstream Americans by exposing them to our unique heritage. Our goals and objectives have been to change the narrative surrounding Sikhs in the mainstream, a goal we continually work toward. We have created an organization that is self-sustaining with strong contributions from both within and without the Sikh community. Sikhlens’ presence is well known, not only by the local community and universities, but also around the United States. Through our many programs, particularly those related to creating and screening Sikh-centric films such as “Project S”, “Destination S” and “Sikhlens Digital Voices”, we have been able to promote an awareness of the Sikh community. Post 9/11 Sikhlens inaugurated a film festival to increase the awareness of Sikhs amongst mainstream Americans. For the last ten years the foundation has collaborated extensively with Chapman University. Our first involvement was with the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

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