SAFF 2023 :: Sunday Matinee :: Afternoon Session 1

19nov1:00 pm3:15 pmSAFF 2023 :: Sunday Matinee :: Afternoon Session 1SUNDAY • NOV • 19 • 1:00 PM – 3:15 PM

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Afternoon Session 1

Afternoon Session 1 – Theater 1
Sunday, November 19, 2023
1:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Theater 1 opens at 1:00 PM for this session. Screening the films listed below:

The theater is located at:

The Frida Theater
305 E 4th St #100
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone: (714) 285-9422

The content, selections, and schedule subject to change without notice.

Apna Faraz Movie Poster

Apna Faraz

Apna Farz is a poignant documentary from the Sikhlens’ Community Voices program highlighting the inspiring work of Apna Farz Sewa Society in India – a beacon of hope for those trapped in illegal enslavement and homelessness. In a land where casteism and discrimination still persist, this society transcends boundaries by offering medical care, food, shelter and, most importantly, freedom to those chained in forced labor and poverty.

The film chronicles Pal Kharoud and his team’s compassionate efforts to rescue and rehabilitate individuals subjected to extreme suffering and inhumane conditions. From liberating a man enchained by his family for twelve years, to aiding the distressed, it depicts tales of the resilient human spirit triumphing over despair.

The Super Sikh 

The Super Sikh tells the heart-wrenching yet inspiring journey of a young Sikh man who strives to achieve his goals despite facing disability. We follow his unrelenting spirit as he works to transform what others see as a limitation into his greatest strength. We witness the prejudice he faces and cheer his perseverance to live life on his own terms. His passion and resilience in pursuing his dreams enable him to break barriers and embrace his full potential. 

Resilience of Faith 

The documentary Resilience of Faith celebrates Ramesh Singh Arora’s profound impact on the Sikh diaspora and devotion to preserving Sikh culture. Tracing his family’s ancestral roots in Pakistan and their steadfast faith back to his grandfather’s fateful decision to remain guided by the Guru’s teachings, the film explores this heritage.

It culminates with Arora’s landmark accomplishments of establishing the Kartarpur Peace Corridor and passing the pioneering Sikh Marriage Act. Through honoring one family’s sacrifices and service, the film illuminates the resilience and spirit of the global Sikh community.

Karda Reh Ardas 

Karda Reh Ardas tells the story of Gursewak Singh, a truck driver from Ropar, Punjab who decides to purchase his own truck by mortgaging all his possessions. But he soon realizes the challenges ahead are far greater than anticipated. Inspired by a famous folklore, the film explores Gursewak’s crisis of faith as his plans unravel. Despite mounting setbacks that test his perseverance and trust, Gursewak turns to prayer and divine grace to see him through the turmoil.

Lord and Lady Singh

Lord and Lady Singh encapsulates the remarkable lives and enduring impact of Lord Indarjit Singh and Lady Kawaljit Kaur Singh. Tracing their journey from colonial India to the heart of Britain, it weaves a tale of service, faith and promoting social harmony.

Amidst the backdrop of post-war Britain, Lord Singh’s narrative is one of resilience and purpose. An engineer by profession, his contributions span decades as an advocate for the UK Sikh community. His voice has resonated across BBC radio promoting messages of peace, understanding, and unity through programs such as BBC Radio 4’s “Thought for the Day” and “Pause for Thought” on BBC Radio 2. 

Together with his wife Lady Singh, who carries her own achievements including an OBE, they have built bridges between communities and upheld Sikh values on the global stage. More than just accomplishments, their story represents an enduring love and shared vision in making the world more just. The film provides an intimate portrait of two exemplary partners who have profoundly touched countless lives.

Q & A Session

Davinder Singh, Salman Alam Khan, Amolak Singh, and Harjus Singh discuss their films.

This session is free!

Come in and enjoy hours of free entertainment.


(Sunday) 1:00 pm - 3:15 pm(GMT-08:00)

The Frida Cinema