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21nov1:00 pm4:00 pmBest of Sikhlens FilmsSunday, November 21, 2021 | Sunday 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM PST

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Nikki Gill will introduce the next session which highlights the Best of Sikhlens Films. The following eleven films are listed in the Best of Sikhlens playlist. When the playlist “goes live” at 1:00 PM PST you can select the order you want to view the films. Just click here.

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Sunday Host: Nikki Gill

Nikki Gill has spent her entire life in the world of film and television production. As a teenager, she began filming and editing videos while pursuing her Bachelor of Arts at York University. Today, Nikki serves IMC among the city’s preeminent postproduction facilities as its CFO. However, in a shop as diverse as IMC, responsibilities entailed so much more than crunching numbers. The company specialized in most facets of post and demanded a highly diversified skill set from its executives. It is evident that the loyalty and dedication she has given to the company is well reflected by the shop’s slate of top-name clients; CTV, CBC, Shaw, CP Rail, Discovery, MuchMusic, YTV, are merely a few. Nikki’s vast industry experience and passion for all forms of media are also serving her well as a talented Executive Producer for TV shows such as Fight Xchange. For over 35 years, Nikki has continued to work in filmmaking. Now, Nikki continues her passion for film as one of the MCs for this year’s Sihklens Art and Film Festival.

The Stone That Hit M. Ranjit Singh

The Stone That Hit Maharaja Ranjit Singh (animated)

This episode from the life of Maharaja Ranjit Singh shows his wisdom and large-heartedness and has been dramatized in this 3D animation. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the 19th Century Emperor of Punjab, was riding through the capital city of Lahore. He was on top of an Elephant and there was great rejoicing to celebrate another victory by his general Hari Singh Nalwa. As they rode through a street, a stone came flying over a wall and struck Ranjit Singh on his forehead.

Peaceful Mind

Peaceful Mind (animated)

Peaceful Mind is a short, animated film that shows how we can stay calm in today’s stressful world and feel peace in our life by making small changes in our thinking.

All Quiet on the Homefront

All Quiet on the Home Front

The story of Bhagat Singh Thind, a Sikh American soldier, returns home after WWI to discover a law has passed that revokes citizenship from all non-Caucasians and he is to be deported. Even though the war is over, he has to fight once again for the country and the ideals he was willing to give his life for.

Style with Kaur Title Screen

Style with Kaur

A young Sydney-based fashion designer, and first-ever turbaned Sikh fashion blogger, fuses eastern and western cultures with her fashion.

Drawn From Life

Drawn From Life

Raj is a talented artist who creates detailed pencil drawings of people’s faces, including portraits of the Sikh gurus he most admires. After struggling with depression and anxiety for years, Raj is now returning to his artwork with a renewed sense of purpose and connection to his faith and family. Re-engaged with his community, Raj now works to help others through his art by sharing his struggles and triumphs.

Shades of Indigo

Sam Dhaliwal is a Sikh farmer who migrated to America in 1976. Starting with just ten acres of land, and overcoming white supremacist attacks, Sam today owns over 400 acres of farmland in Bellingham, Washington. However, this isn’t just an immigration story. The passion that the entire Dhaliwal family has towards agriculture can be seen in every step of their journey.

Jutti Kasoori

Jutti Kasoori

Jutti Kasoori Walking into the Unknown: A History of Punjabi Women in California. Using archival footage and interviews, this film chronicles the extraordinary stories and contributions of the pioneering South Asian Punjabi women in California’s Central Valley.

The Singh Twins

While conventional artists often strive to articulate their personal vision with abstract works requiring no drawing skills, the exquisitely talented Singh Twins, world-class graphic artists, and filmmakers, Rabindra and Amrit Singh, refuse to march to the Western drumbeat of “personal vision,” shunning the emphasis on individualism. The Twins bring Moghul Indian influences to their paintings that range from scenes of domestic bliss to highly charges political art. This film brings their delightful personalities to the forefront and delves deep into their uncanny similarities as they both work on the same painting simultaneously.

Jallianwala: Repression and Retribution

Jallianwala: Repression and Retribution, is a film based on new artwork by contemporary British artists, The Singh Twins. The artwork itself is designed in three parts as a triptych. The Singh Twins narrate the film and discuss their research into Jallianwala, and their efforts in the creation of this artwork.

She Who Questions Title Screen

She Who Questions

A second-generation Sikh Scottish woman works to help her Sikh “sisters” adjust to Western society, just as she did in her childhood. She runs an organization called Sikh Sanjog, which is devoted to giving Sikh women equal opportunities in their spiritual, personal, and professional lives.

Proud Mothers

Proud Mother

Two insecure mothers meet at a bus stop and boast about their sons, each trying to outdo the other. Each one’s deceptive house of cards collapses when both boys show up and the truth becomes embarrassingly obvious.


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