Social Issues

Rex vs. Singh

In 1915, two Sikh mill-workers, Dalip Singh and Naina Singh, were entrapped by undercover police in Vancouver and accused of sexual misconduct. This experimental video stages scenes from their trial, told as a period drama and as a documentary investigation of the case,

Dalip and Naina were arrested one year after the infamous Komogata Maru incident, in which the Japanese owned ship and its 376 would-be immigrant passengers from British India, mostly Sikhs, were turned back after sitting in Vancouver harbor for two months without being allowed to land. The South Asians, all British subjects, had hoped to challenge a systemically racist regulation that required potential immigrants to undergo a “continuous journey” from their country of origin, an impossibility deliberately created for people from the sub-continent.

Between 1909 and 1929, an inordinate number of men tried for sexual misconduct in Vancouver were Sikhs. Based on the 1915 case, Rex vs. Singhis a speculative exploration of the interplay between homophobia and racism in this little known chapter of Canadian history.

Richard Fung, John Greyson, Ali Kazimi

Is It Safe To Come Out Yet?

Reflections by Sikh women on identity, sexuality and alternative lifestyles within Sikhism. This provocative and challenging film is groundbreaking in that it was the first time (1994) that voice was given to Sikh Lesbians.

Neesha Dosanjh

Discussion by Miliana Singh, LGBT Health Care & Transgender Services Coordinator from the Orange County LGBT


Divorce is a tricky thing! No one knows that better than Reena and Jay who have a prenup that states they have to spend one hour in a room together before they can finalize their divorce. Can they survive long enough in a room together to make it happen?

Director, Writer, Producer: Tarun Verma
Producer:Janoo Chawla, Nisha Parikh


This film basically shows the importance of real freedom in our society. Although it’s been many years since independence, women and girls are still struggling for their own independence within our culture.

Director: Jyotiprakash Kuanr
Writer: Jyotiprakash Kuanr; Anita Sharma
Producer: Perfect Panorama

Discussion by Rebecca Arevalo, MFT and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist