Sikhs Across The World I

Sikhs Across the World I
5:15 PM – 7:15 PM

One of the most widely-travelled minority groups in the world, Sikhs have made their home in over 100 countries. They all share one thing in common: a struggle to assimilate into new cultures while still retaining meaningful degrees of Sikhi in their new lives and the lives of their children.  A fascinating look at various Sikhs whose stories will inspire you.



Southall On Film

Southall On Film Documentary – One distinct community in West London is home to waves of migrations from South Asia that make it one of the most diverse towns in the UK. “Southall on Film” is a yearlong heritage project that explores the relationship between the town’s South Asian community and film. Through research, conducting interviews with life-long Southall residents and making films inspired by their stories – a group of young people discovered a South Asian legacy in Southall that they never knew about.



Bad Actress

Bad Actress – Southall Studios is remaking a Bollywood classic and the director wants to ‘sex it up’.  This short presents the melodramatic conflict between an aspiring actress and a director’s desires. The retro feel film uses Bollywood genre conventions in a story of ambition, lust and revenge with a Brit-Asian twist.



The Color of Milk

The Color of Milk – A silent comedy about two women who end up connecting over the milkman’s delivery. The Color of Milk was inspired by the stories of parents and grandparents, who arrived in the UK in the 60’s and 70’s and often found themselves the victims of petty acts of racism that marked their daily lives.



Private Screening

Private Screening – With the events of the day still fresh in their memory, a Sikh couple decides to stay home as Skinheads gather in Southall for a Punk-Rock show. Through varying responses in the Asian community and problems around institutional racism we gain a much deeper understanding of the racial issues faced by the South Asian community in Britain.



Memoirs of a Sikh Soldier

Set during World War II, two Sikh soldiers fight for survival against a Nazi onslaught.



Singh in the Lion City

“Singh in the Lion City” is a documentary about a Singaporean Sikh man’s personal quest to decode his cultural identity. This sets him on a journey of self-discovery along a shared heritage trail – which he encapsulates and celebrates via the creation of an app. This film touches on wider topics of home, migration and diaspora.




Raj is in love. He’s about to embark on a sacred and beautiful journey with the love of his life. So what’s the problem? His Punjabi mother. She’s as stubborn as she is sweet. She’s crazy in love…with her pind and she doesn’t care who knows. Reluctantly Raj takes his mother to a traditional American counseling session and well… you tell us how their “therapy” went!



Our Family’s Execution

ENSAAF is doing amazing work on highlighting horrific atrocities.  “Our Family’s Execution” is one such film as told by a survivor.