Short Films Session I

Short Films Session I
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

All films in this cluster are under 15 minutes.  Each one displays great discipline in creating entertaining stories with a minimal amount of screen time.  The result is some very startling and even stunning tales that, even though they’re over in a few minutes, continue to stay with you.



River of Stories
Sikhism in the park.

Understanding Sikhism while on a journey through a beautiful park.

Take a walk on the Australian Sikh Heritage Trail and experience the meaning and importance of Sikhism through the beauty of the park. Battling misconceptions Sikhs in Western Australia build a trail that offers a journey of learning for anyone who passes through.


Seeking Balance
Music and Faith in a complicated world.

Sikh musician Dya Singh and his family try to stay true to themselves and their faith.

Dya Singh, an accountant turned world famous musician; has made it his life’s work to spread Sikh music outside the confines of the Gurdwara. He brings his daughters and grandchildren on this adventure. They are on their own journeys to find their place in the world, trying to hold on to their cultural heritage while adapting to an increasingly westernized world.


Growing Life
Living a parallel life.

Cousin Australian Sikh farmers define faith and happiness in their own way.

Australian Sikh cousins, Gurmesh and Saptal Singh work together on their family blueberry and macadamia farm.  Both grew up in a traditional Sikh household, decided at different ages to follow their journeys to define what happiness isandwhat faith means to them. Choosing to practice their faith differently the two cousins still find unity in the core principles of their faith.


Culture Strong
Australian Hip-hop artist.

Hip-hop artist prepares for concert that highlights racism and discrimination in Australia.

L-Fresh the Lion has hip-hop in his veins. Since his first taste at fourteen, his life has been overtaken by a desire to be at the top of the game. By pushing themes of social justice and overcoming oppression, L-Fresh has taken Australian hip-hop by storm with his first two albums “One,” and “Become” The latter was nominated for “Best Urban Album” in 2016’s Aria Awards.

“Culture Strong” follows the lyricist in the lead-up to the “Love Music, Hate Discrimination” concert. L-Fresh puts his thoughtfulness, hard work and dedication on display, showing how he has become one of the top up-and-comers in Australian hip-hop.


Ride with Pride
And without a helmet.

Fight for helmet exemptions for turbaned Sikhs.

Parampreet Singh, founder of the Sikh Motorcycle Club in Melbourne Australia, fights for helmet exemptions for turbaned Sikhs. Within the Sikh faith, the turban holds major religious significance and meaning to the wearer. Parampreet and his family struggle to find a balance between his faith, safety, and his passion.


She is Strong
Female Wrestler

Finding the balance between raising a daughter and pursuing a wrestling career.

Rupinder Kaur, an internationally recognized wrestler, finds the balance between raising her daughter and pursing her wrestling career. After sending her daughter away to India so she can train, Rupinder suffers a crushing injury and loss at the Commonwealth Games. She discovers that in her life her biggest motivation to keep fighting is her daughter.


Style With Kaur
Fashion Designer and Blogger.

A young Sydney-based fashion designer and blogger fuses eastern and western cultures with her fashion.

Synopsis:Karan Kaur is the first ever turbaned Sikh fashion blogger. Despite her international following, and acclaim, she still struggles to balance eastern and western cultures. We follow Karan in her daily life and her pursuit of launching her first official fashion line for girls who value beauty and modesty.


Winner of Peace

A young Sikh poet must walk the line between her community and personal beliefs finding solace in spoken word.

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa stepped into the public eye a few years ago after competing on Australia’s Got Talent with some original poems dealing with the racism she’s faced in Australia. This did not come without criticism, and not from the people she expected. Uncertainty of her place in her own community arose, but she is able to find a place of comfort on her own.