Photo Gallery

Sikh Float Build for the 2019 Rose Parade (2-Days) (2018-12-27 & 12-30)

Two days of float building prior to the big day on January 1st, 2019. Shot on Thursday, December 27th and Sunday, December 30th 2018.

SAFF 2018: Panthic Digital Voice Screening and Social Issues Speakers (2018-11-18)

At The Frida Cinema with Panthic Digital Voice and Social Issues panelists: Miliana Singh (LGBQT), Rebecca Arevalo and Sheriff Manny Cruz.

SAFF 2018: Creative Sikhs Panels at The Frida Cinema (2018-11-17)

At The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, CA we had 3 Creative Panels with moderator Michael Singh. Panel 1: Bhajneet Singh (Author), Amandeep Singh (Actor), Sundeep Morrison (Actress, Writer, Director). Panel 2: Harjus Singh (Director), Hansjeet Duggal (Editor), Salman Alam Khan (Cinematographer, Director), Harjeet Oberoi (Director), Satinder Kaur (Director). Panel 3: Mehakdeep Duggal (Fashion Designer), Jasmeet Kaur (Artist).

SAFF 2018: Opening Night (2018-11-16)

Sikhlens: Sikh Arts & Film Festival Opening Night at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Friday, November 16, 2018.

SAFF 2018: Patrons’ Dinner and Celebration (2018-11-15)

Patrons’ Celebration and Dinner at Chapman University on November 15, 2018, including the opening of the 120-day art exhibition of “The Fabric of Punjab: Art of The Singh Twins” (SAFF2018).

Panthic Digital Voice in London, England (2018-07-26)

Panthic Digital Voice event on July 26th, 2018
At the Bath Road Radisson in Middlesex, England.

Honoring Sikh Soldiers of WWI & WWII (Portland, OR) (2018-06-02)

in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of WWI, 3 short films and a panel discussion on history of Sikh veterans of WWI in Oregon.

Vaisakhi Celebration (2018-04-16)

Celebrating Vaisakhi at Chapman University’s Fish Interfaith Center on April 16th, 2018,  with Author/Photographer, Amardeep Singh from Singapore,  writer of “The Lost Heritage: The Legacy in Pakistan” and “The Quest Continues: The Lost Heritage” and San Antonio Artist, Jasmeet Kaur.

Proud To Be Sikh II Screening (2018-02-17)

A Special North American Presentation of “Proud To Be Sikh II” at Dodge College Film and Media Arts, with a Q&A session with film executive producer Manjot Singh and production manager Robina Kaur.

Sikhlens’ Project S Students at Buena Park Gurdwara (2018-02-05)

An on-location class day at the Gurdwara Singh Sahib, Buena Park with an introduction to Sikhism for the new Dodge College students involved in Sikhlens’ Project S course.

Sikh Float Build (2017-12-28-29)

Two-day of photo coverage of the Sikh Float Build. Rose Parade 01-01-2018 Winner of the Leishman Public Spirit Award for Most Outstanding Floral Presentation from a Non-commercial Participant by United Sikh Mission Theme: Serving Kindness; Float Builder: Phoenix

Human Rights: : When Governments Ignore the Law Event (2017-12-07)

At Chapman University’s Fish Interfaith Center. With speakers Sukhman Dhami (ENSAAF) and Hansjeet Singh Duggal (Showcasing Crimes in Augmented Reality).

SAFF 2017 (Day 3): Sunday at The Frida Cinemas (2017-11-19)

Our final full-day of movie, shorts and full-length features, screened at The Frida Cinema, including workshop for the kids.

SAFF 2017 (Day 2): Saturday at The Frida Cinemas (2017-11-18)

A full-day of movie, shorts and full-length features, screened at The Frida Cinema, including workshop for the kids.